How to make Paneer

Paneer is a Heat and Acid coagulated milk product which is quite popular in India


1. Take Buffalo/Cow milk, standardize it  to Fat: SNF ratio of 1:1.65 and heat to 90 degree C

2. Cool down the temperature of heated milk and bring it upto 70 degree C.

3. Add 2-2.5% citric acid solution at 70 degree C in the heated milk (70 degree C) and stir it.

4. Keep stirring milk with a stirrer slowly until greenish whey becomes separated from the milk. 

5. Stop stirring when the coagulation is complete and allow the coagulated mass to settle down for 5 minutes.

6. Whey is drained out through a muslin cloth and the coagulated mass is then pressed in a hoop for 15 min. @ 230kg/Sq. m

7. Remove the pressed paneer from the hoop and immerse in chilled water for 2-3 hours to make it firm.

8. Remove the paneer from chilled water and keep on  wooden plank to remove all free water.

8. Keep in refrigerator till further use