Top Small Business Ideas 2023: If you want more profit in less budget, then start this business, the way of progress will open

In today’s time, there is so much variety of businesses that people get confused as to which company they should start. However, if you have a low budget or little funds to start a business, you can start a small business and gradually take that business forward on the path of progress and make your business big. Below we are telling you about some such business ideas, which you can start with very little investment and earn good profit.

Home Decoration Business

If you have an interest in making or selling decoration items, then you can start decoration work ie decoration business with less investment. You will have to invest very little money to start this business because this business comes under the category of low investment business. In this business, you will have to buy some items for decoration like lights, frills, sparkles, bouquets, and other types of things and then you will have to do your marketing to get the decoration work in birthday parties or marriage. After this, when you start getting work, then you can win the trust of your customers by giving them good service, due to which they will contact you the next time they have any work.

Buying and Selling Business

Nowadays, due to the busy lifestyle, things in people’s houses are not used much and sometimes the things get spoiled due to non-use. In such a situation, if you want, you can do the business of buying and selling old goods. You can also call it the business of scrap. If you start this business, you do not need to invest much funds. Even if you have ₹ 10,000, you can start this business and you can make this business bigger as the profit increases. Let me tell you that many people look at this business with a very inferiority complex, but there is a lot of earning in this business.

Hand Made Product Making Business

This business is considered to be the best business for women who are creative and can make creative products. For your information, let us tell you that different types of things come under handmade products, such as candles, soaps, Handbags, Paintings, Jewellery, Decorative Diyas, Toran, Rangoli, Embroidery Weaving Products, Clay, Mom or 3D Impression Decorative Items, Hand Made Paper, Gift Boxes, etc. You have a lot of variety in handmade products, out of which you can make any product according to your convenience. You also have to make very less investment in this business. The products that we have told you about above look normal, but very good prices for these products are available in the market.

Agarbatti and Candle Making Business

The business of manufacturing incense sticks and candles is also considered a profitable business. As you know that there are many festivals throughout the year in our country and incense sticks or candles are required at all the festivals. In such a situation, the demand for both these products always remains. That’s why whoever makes these products or is associated with them in any way, always earns. If you want to start the business of incense sticks and candles, then for this you may have to invest from ₹ 2,000 to ₹ 3,000 and if you make incense sticks with your hands, then you have to invest 5 to 10 thousand rupees, this includes raw material cost. If you want to make incense sticks and candles through machines, then you may have to spend between ₹ 20,000 to 40,000. But this business gives you a lot of profit in the future.

Curtain Sewing Business

This business is considered a very good business for people doing business from home. Especially women can do this business sitting at home. Then whether it is women from rural areas or women from urban areas, the main thing about this business is that you have to invest very little in it. If you already have a sewing machine, then you do not have to invest anything in this business, because the person who comes to you to get the curtains stitched, brings the cloth to sew the curtains along with the cord. gives. All you have to do is stitch that cloth in the right quantity and in the right size and give it to the person at the right time. Your earning in this business depends on how many curtains you stitch or sew daily. Still, if seen according to the general figure, even if you sew one or two curtains daily.

Gift Basket Making Business

Friendship Day is celebrated every year in India. Apart from this, the birthdays of many people also come every year, in such a situation, the demand for gift baskets is highest. That’s why if you want, you can make a gift basket sitting at home. To make a gift basket, you can use an old carton box or you can also use strong paper. In the name of investment, you have to invest only nominal money in it. By making a gift basket, you can sell it online or you can sell it in the local market or you can sell it from your home and if you run a shop, you can sell it at the shop as well.


Q: What are the top low budget businesses?
Ans: Home decoration work, hand made product making work, gift basket making work, agarbatti candle making business etc.

Q: How much profit is available in low budget businesses?
Ans: At least 20 to 30 thousand rupees.

Q: Which business should women do sitting at home?
Ans: Business of making pickles, business of making hand made products, can do many business like making bangles.

Q: How much investment will have to be made in the business of sewing curtains?
Ans: You will not have to invest anything in this and if you have to do it, then only for the machine.

Q: Which is the most profitable business in today’s time?
Ans: Blogging, Invest in share market, Restaurant business etc.

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